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Subject: Re: So much for, whose...
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 11, 2002 at 6:03:09 AM
Reply to: Re: So much for, whose... by Agata
"In Canada it's Me-GAN :)"

**** Well, I guess you Canadians are just as perverse as us Yanks. ;)

"But, I was watching a TV show once and the girl said it MEEEEE-gan, it just sounded so ugh, I dunno... not nice."

**** Meegan is an Irish surname related to Meehan, meaning "honorable", occasionally used as a given name (sometimes even spelled "Megan") and pronounced "mee-gan".

"I really don't think that there is a PROPER prounounciation."

**** With some names, you're right. There will be no "proper" pronunciation as long as regional dialects and regional accents remain in existence.

"She's a sister in Shakespeare's KING LEAR.... in my English class we prounounced it like REA-gan (Re like See)... but, on Jeopardy Alex said Regan like the President. :) So, I dunno...."

**** "REE-gan" is the way I'd heard it pronounced, also, in recordings of Shakespeare's KING LEAR. But the little girl in THE EXORCIST, I believe, was called "RAY-gan".

-- Nanaea

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