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Subject: Re: I didn't know your family...
Author: Sarahjeanne   (guest)
Date: February 11, 2002 at 3:40:31 PM
Reply to: I didn't know your family... by Nanaea
Yeah, I thought for some reason that I had mentioned that before. We mostly rescue greyhounds, my mom fell in love with them when we got one from a shelter almost 12 years ago and has been actively involved since. We have had up to 10 greyhounds at a time. My mom has a bad habbit of fostering them and then adopting each one she fosters because she can't let go! We've even had a million dollar winner. It's alot of fun. I was really involved during high school, I did tons of community service, we were required to complete 50 hours to graduate. But that's not very much, I graduated with honors just for community service hours. I'm not as involved anymore, though. I miss it. The company I just started working for is very involved with Junior Acheivement, so hopefully I can get involved with that.


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