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Subject: are there any other rAbertas out there?
Author: Raberta Jobes   (guest)
Date: February 14, 2002 at 8:47:09 AM
I've been searching and searching for years now and yet I seem to still be the only person who spells their name Raberta instead of Roberta. My father's name is Robert, and being the first born, I was to be named after him. What should have been Roberta, was changed to Raberta. I don't think our ethnic backgrounds have anything to do with it, but just in case, they are: Guamanian (which is mostly spanish), Irish, German and Dutch. Thats about as much as I know. There may be a couple more european nationalities in there, but I can't be sure.

Anyone out there know of any others that spell their name the same as I do?


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