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Subject: Nicknames &Alternative nameS?
Author: Lily   (guest)
Date: February 17, 2002 at 10:53:01 AM
I want to know some alternative names that still have the same sound.
Such as:
(These are for girls)
Monique- I love the Q sound in the name but I have no idea for a nickname! Is there a nickname for this? And an alternative?

Dominique- Again I like the Q sound, but it can be a girls or guys name, is very common! Again no nickname.

Sydne- I love the name but It's so common! Any suggestions?

Savannah- I like the name. But the meaning is kinda blank, and again its common. Any suggestions to alter it?

Ava & Eva- Great names. Any other ones like them?

I will save the rest for later.

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