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Subject: names and the changing of them
Author: Ottersong   (guest,
Date: February 17, 2002 at 9:02:49 PM
Hi. My birthname is Kara Aurael Williams- Kara is Aramaic (the language of the area and time of Christ's birth) and means "pure"; Aurael is Hebrew and ? some other language- it is two words pushed together- Aura:"Spirit light" and El which is Hebrew shorthand for El Shaddai- or God. Williams is from the Welsh Gwyllyms, and means "blank sheet of paper"- it was a Bard's surname.
Now for the important part. I am trying to chnge my name ( I feel my mother was cruel and had a sick sense of humor, since no-one human could possibly live up to that moniker), and want to keep the meaning of Williams, but not the name itself- anyone have any ideas?

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