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Subject: Re: David does not mean "friend" or "beloved"
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 21, 2002 at 10:30:07 AM
Reply to: David does not mean "friend" or "beloved" by Shay
"My Name is -----, and I'm an Israeli student."

***** Nice to met you. My name is Nanaea and I’m a Jew (among other things).

"There is another Hebrew word, which is written just the same as "David", but is pronounced: "Dod"."

**** Yep, you’re correct about there being another Hebrew word written the same as “David” and pronoucned “Dod”.

"DOD indeed means "friend or beloved" (and also "uncle"), but it is a different and UNRELATED word to DAVID."

**** This is where I think you are little mistaken, Shay. “David” is a name which is believed to be derived from the root word “dod”. By the way, “dod” doesn’t literally mean “friend or beloved” – it literally means: “to boil”, which is taken figuratively to mean “to love”. By implication it also means “a friend” but more specifically “an uncle” (as you did point out).

"I also tried to look it up in some resources (including more than one Hebrew dictionary), and asked some people (who are more learned on the subject than myself), and all agreed that "David" has no known meaning in Hebrew or in ancient Hebrew."

**** That’s correct, you probably won’t find the word “david” in your Hebrew dictionary. But, as I said, the name David is *derived* from the Hebrew root word “dod”. If you do a little more research into the etymology of names, you’ll discover that there are a lot of names which are derived from various root words, and sometimes these names bear little resemblance to the original word from whence they came.

"And to all of you - do not be confused by the fact that many web-sites say the same. On the web everyone copies from eachother, so mistakes like this spread very fast..."

**** Very true. Except that the meaning of the name David has been generally accepted by etymologists and names scholars long pre-dating the Age of the Internet.

-- Nanaea

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