Subject: I'll say!
Author: Merriment   (guest)
Date: February 24, 2002 at 6:33:35 AM
Reply to: I'm a psy-chick, of course! ;) by Nanaea
Ardderchog - names for all social occasions

Cristene Morehead - for the police (and what's your name, young lady? Why, Cristene Morehead, officer...)
Teresea Richemond - for the ambulance service - hehe.
Chinarose Demeter - For joining the Jack Ash Society (joke. Actually Cerise Demonheart would be better - d'you think they'd notice?). Really for sitting in trees!
Demetria Schoener - For being a Dutch descended settler in early New York
Desiree Cotherman - For writing Mills and Boon
Charitee Densmore (great name for a romance novel heroine) - for starring in Mills and Boon
Catherine Desmore - for meeting the fiance's parents
Tracee Sondheimer - For joining a performing arts school in seventies New York

I think I like Demetria best...after Cerise of course.

If you want a real challenge you can try my housemates:
Elizabeth (Haidee) Bennett (yes, Elizabeth Bennett. She had to attend classes with a Rhodri Darcy at one point - oh the joy!)
Carrie (Elizabeth) Fox - an f and an x (and a z in the middle name)

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