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Subject: Hello to Phyllis too!
Author: Shay   (guest)
Date: February 24, 2002 at 11:28:27 AM
Reply to: A belated welcome from another Jew (among other things) by Phyllis
And THANK YOU too! (no need for any apologies!)
I'm a student myself, so I know what just you mean...

Well, I called The "Acadamy for the Hebrew Language." Their answer was that indeed most researchers believe there was a connection between the two words (DAVID and DOD), although not everyone agrees, and there are other theories.
Just one for example: DAVID was named after "a god of the sun" called DODO, that some people(s) in the area worshiped. (Although it's also possible that DODO's name itself was derived from the same root/meaning...). And there are more theories.
But the bottom line is: it's probably true.

So I have to apologize to Mike C., and make a little note to myself: research harder before you correct other people...

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