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Subject: Re: Hello to Phyllis too!
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: February 25, 2002 at 8:02:42 AM
Reply to: Hello to Phyllis too! by Shay
Hi Shay! I may not be Jewish, but I'm trying harder :P
Actually you got really excited with your mantion of the Sun-God Dodo. I wonder if Dodo may be somehow related to the Dodona oracle of Zeus in Greece. A long-shot, but who knows :) I checked all my sources, but have been unable to come up with a satisfying elymology for Dodona! Herodotus wrote that an old oak tree there became an oracle when a black dove from Egypt settled on it. Circumstantial evidence or wild-goose-chasing? Will try and look into it further...

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