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Subject: I racked my brain and found some more! :)
Author: Liisa   (guest)
Date: February 28, 2002 at 1:51:13 PM
Reply to: Nice nice list Liisa (more) by Mike C
Here they are...( if any are already here it's my bad...)

Lijsbeth (F)- Finnish form of Elizabeth
Tahti (F)- "Star", this name is becoming quite popular in Finland and I know several women with this name.
Kerrttu (F)- Finnish form of Gertrude
Teppana (F)- Finnish form of Stephanie, a female form of Teppo or Tepani
Aasta or Asta (f)- Are both short forms of the name Astrid and are used a lot in Finland

Viljami (M)- Finnish form of William, Ville is the short form (it's essentially the nickname Will)
Aabraham or Aabrami (M)- Both Finnish forms of Abraham.
Hermanni (M)- Finnish form of Herman.

I'll be making a list of non variation/form Finnish names from what I know to post soon. Thanks!

Liisa :)

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