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Subject: My gift to you... (awwwwwww -gag-)
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: March 4, 2002 at 8:10:29 PM
Well... I am leaving thursday as soon as i get home, so i wanted to post now, so if ppl want to leave me messages they have teus. and wed.
I am off to Florida for a week (warmth!!! thank the lord... cept i dont believe in him.. -confused-... nvm) and then to Ottawa (COLD!!! brrr...) for another,
for a science and technology ... thingy...
I think 'Thingymabober' should be a name. What you ppl think?
Well here will be my last list for a while, its a long one.
Its one of my fav tho I think, some bold and beautiful, hiddious and heavenly names... more are hiddious... lol
I have included (m) or (f) after ea. one if i know, i would absolutly LOVE if ppl could find meanins to these and they were added to the site :)
And of course my usual off the wall and slightly rude commentary is added for ur viewing pleasure
Tootles,,, and enjoy :)

¸.·´ .·´"))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
¸.·´ .·´"))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* ~Silver

Cassander - male form of Cassandra
Maveri - female form of Maverick

Aether (f) - i think this is what heals my ppl in my rpg game... i think this is heather on crack... I think this is a nice name, lol
Akulp (m) - my guess... the sound u make when u 'hicup'
Amberlie (f) - maybe just amber and lee, maybe some new beautiful creation... then again, maybe just amber and lee
Ander (m) - I think this is off the name AlexANDER... ppl now adays
Arelec (m) - GARLIC!
Ashanie (f) - A shantie??
Baney (f) - McBain... from simpons fan
Battejen (m) - Battle Jen!!!
Chidiva (f) - Chick diva... -rolls eyes- come on ppl... there is no shortage of names
Dagion (m) - its spelt 'dragon'...
Dalesc (m) - first thing it reminds me of, dyslexic... maybe this explains the name, lol
Dominy (m) - Patri the spirt Disanti... no latin words from prayers... that was used in boondocks saints b4 THEY SHOOT SUMONE!
Emming (f) - Lemming?
Enchema (f) - Echenicia and Exema (i didint spell either right and i dotn care...)
Enzie (f) - From McKenzie.. or Menzie... probably///
Eyden (m) - Ey Den do it...
Fadden (f) - i dont like these type of jeans
Fyric (m) - freak??
Gefinnie (f) - Geoffery as a fairy? Giovanni horribly mutated into a woman?
Gida (f) - 'yea man that chick wuz a Gida one"
Ipauk (m) - the word is Opaque... and please look up what it means
Ivalique (f) - all i can say is perdy :)
Janicithon (m) - cz Janice and Johnathon got high... cz they got high... do do do do do
Jeredith (f) - please pay attention... the name is MMMMMMMMMeredith... this is what happens when Jerry and Meredith "merge"
Jerther (m) - Jerk'er... ill let ur imagination take that one...
Jifferi (m) - didnt i just say before its Jeffrey!!!
Jillidith (f) - OMG!! Meredith cheated on Jerry with Jill... um... how does that work.. wait... i dun' wanna know
Kahlara (f) - i think this is a city... or small country.. or a province, or a state... yea u get the picture
Kinnon (m) - From McKinnon no doubt...
Kyleu (f) - Kyleu Kyleu Kylay... yea they taught us to call a BIRD BY THAT B4!!!
Lachey (f) - Leaching Lacy...
Larisez (m) - its Larissa for men!!!
Magusta (f) - Agusta with an m...
Mylagh (m) - OWWW I HURT MY' LAGH
Nabarri (f) - ur underage! no barri for u!
Nadaw (m) - 'nah... duh.... geez... idiot.... like cha...."
Nanova (f) - 'Nan... ova' there..."
Ohnager (m) - little Rutiger...
Onygo (m) - "but mom... i onygo to the concert!!"
Oregho (m) - "fine... u can go to the concert... Oregho to the mall..."
Ovicho (f) - Bless You
Patri (f) - see "Dominy"
Rabea (f) - a rabbit with rabies?
Raider (m) - of the lost ark!
Ralen (m) - we need new Ralen's in the house!
Rastree (f) - rasberry's do not grow on trees...
Raudery (f) - Rottery is what we started in grade 8!!!
Reneria (f) - the newest STD... related to Goneril... lol
Rheaven (f) - Heaven with an R... this doesnt make u unique...
Ricavan (m) - "Rick's van"
Rinangi (?) - Rin a tin tin... meet Angie... shes a cocker spaniel -wink wink-
Risrie (f) - i had a riserie once... then i changed relegions... lol
Ryn (f) - i like this
Ryngi (f) - i dont like this
Sacro (m) - sacrement?? :S
Samic (m) - Sami... with a c...
Sytoph (m) - a type of plankton???
Thonisirin (m) - thats good cough syrup
Tifer (f) - this is a nick name for Tiffany
Trilee (f) - a relative of 'tora and loura and laa' must be irish...
Troina (f) - Troy... in a ... ??
Trorie (m) - i opened my Droory,
Uthere (m) - Utter... or 'Ooo.... there.. it is'
Uvaligi (f) - i dont know why but I see the word ugly in this
Yobe (m) - "Yo be my love fer ever...."
Zettel (m) - a surname turned first name!

I luv ya all, chat back at me!

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