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Subject: Re: Are you quite certain you checked?
Author: Crystique Azel   (guest)
Date: March 7, 2002 at 4:46:02 PM
Reply to: Are you quite certain you checked? by Nanaea
And also, I was looking on the web for a site that could point me to the direction I'm looking for. I didn't know that there was a FAQ sheet all that I saw was a message board, so I posted my question. All that I included, that my name meant butterfly and that a lot of people said that it is a spanish name, is all that I knew about the name, that was the purpose of coming here. So, I'm not quite certain how that doesn't follow the directions, it stated to write as much as you know about the name--I did that, was there something else I didn't do, I read all that directions and I'm pretty sure that I did everything it said to do?

I'm sure you've been here longer than I, so my question's may seem very stupid, I apologize:)

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