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Subject: Re: Middle name for
Author: Abeni   (guest)
Date: March 9, 2002 at 7:57:57 AM
Reply to: Middle name for "Angelina" by Nancy
Wow Angelina Dawn and Angelina Joy are pretty....

Angelina Rose
Angelina Skye
Angelina Alise
Angelina Ray
Angelina Eve
Angelina Essonce (diff. form of Essence)
Angelina Lourdes
Angelina Neveah (Neveah is heaven spelt backwords so it would be messenger from heaven ;) )
Angelina Jai
Angelina Maran
Angelina Day
Angelina Senita
Angelina Alease
Angelina Robyn
Angelina Kamryn
Angelina Scarlett


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