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Subject: My semi-annual installment on Nanaea/Nanaia
Author: Pavlos   (guest,
Date: March 14, 2002 at 2:06:50 AM
Havent been around much lately, folks, due to a new job which leaves me with hardly any time or leisure of any sort. I certainly missed all the horseplay!
Here's my semi-annual installment of tidbits on my favorite fusion name, Nanaea/Nanaia:

- She was the “Goddess of abundance” ( with bibliogrradha/p_a00aphical info:1.htm)

- A cool reference with bibiographical info:
… The ancient Accadian Ana, god of the sky, became the Semitic Anu, whose female double was Anat, the earth—the female principle—with attributes similar to Ishtar. Sometimes identified with Artemis. Cf. the Nanaia of Elam, (2 Maccabees I, 13-15; Polybius XXXI, II; Josephus, Ant. Jud, XII, 9) and the Nana of Babylon. (Harper, Assyrian and Babylonian Literature, 116, 245; Roscher, Lexicon der Griech. u. Röm. Mythologie, III, 4.) The cult was widespread throughout the Parthian dominions. As to its dissolute customs, cf. Strabo, XI, 8, 12; XI, 14, 16; XII, 3, 37; Plutarch, Artaxerxes, 27; also Frazer, Golden Bough, (3) I, 16, 37; W. Robertson Smith, Religion of the Semites, 325; Sayce, Hibbert Lectures, 192. The Annals of Ashurbanipal (668-626 B.C.) speak of the recovery of Nanna from Elam upon his subjugation of that country, "a place not suitable for her," where she "had been angry for 1635 years."…(

- More references to Nanaia:

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