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Subject: Re: Which variation is the best!?!?!?
Author: Lissa   (guest,
Date: March 21, 2002 at 1:35:32 PM
Reply to: Which variation is the best!?!?!? by Steph
Leah: This one I like the best
Lea: I've never seen this variation, but I'm not too wild about it.
Lia: It's interesting, but people might get confused on how to say it.
Leigha: Not too wild about it.

Alana: It's nice, but not my style.
Alanna: Similar to Alana, and looks nicer.
Alannah: This is my favorite one.

Rebecca: The traditional way, which I like better.
Rebekka: To two "k's" is what I don't like about it.
Rebekah: It's nice, but the child will always have to spell it.

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