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Subject: I came up with some logical twin names...wanna post them here?!?! :)
Author: Vicki   (guest)
Date: March 22, 2002 at 3:27:56 PM
Hey all, I came up with these names for twins that I thought would be good to add to the already awesome twin names section here (so nice to see you don't have to give twins names that are too similar like Paul and Paula and they can still have the same, a similar or complmentary meaning! :)) So anyways, please take a look at what I've come up with, add comments, let me know what your favorites are and post them here if you wish in the twin names section-that'd be wicked!

THANK YOU!!! :) :) :)

Erica and Leah -Both can mean "ruler".

Mia and Thomas -Mia means "mine" in Italian and Thomas means "twin" in Hewbrew or Aramaic so together they would mean "My Twin" which would be such a cool meaning for the twins as well as significant for the parents.

Nadia and Hope -Nadia means "Hope" in Russian, derived from Nadezdha (sorry if a spelled that one wrong!)

Marina and Celeste -Marina means "of the sea" and Celeste means "of the sky", I think "of the sea and sky" is such a cool complementary meaning!

Melina and Melissa -Melina means "honey" and Melissa means "bee" so together their names would mean "honey bee" in Greek.

Aidan and Ava -Aidan means "fire" in Gaelic and Ava can mean "water" in Persian so together they would be "fire and water"-I thought that was awesome! :)

Adam and Terra - Both of these names mean "earth"

Regina and Sarah -Regina means "Queen" and Sarah means "Princess", I also thought that was cool!

Matthew and Nathan - Both names mean "gift" and in having twins you are definitely receiving a "double" gift! :)

This last one I wasn't too sure about this last pairing, but I'll post it anyways- Lilia and Katherine as both names have pureness in common- Lilia is an elaboration of Lily, a symbol of purity and Katherine means "pure one".

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