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Subject: Hail Freedonia!
Author: Pavlos a.k.a. Vladlen the impaler   (guest,
Date: March 23, 2002 at 1:19:24 AM
Reply to: Chico...ry by Merriment McDemonheart
I cant belive I missed that Lenin anagram :P I see our Komrade Kommissar Mikhail K (may revolutionary traktors pave his roads)also includes the name Melor.
It would be cool to compile a list of names constructed by totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. Some more examples include:

- "Stalin", meaning ("steel") in Russian. That was Joseph Jugashvili's adopted handle -- he had all the charm of Hitler, except for the humor.

- Rem, acromym of revolution, Engels, and Marx.

- Melsor, acronym of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and October Revolution. In the 50s most dropped the "s" :PPP

A interesting site about communist naming practices in Azerbaijan:

To end this posting with a more positive note, a very popular and beloved name in contemporary Greece is Byron, to honor Lord Byron and his support during the war for Greek independance in 1821.

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