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Subject: Re: Opinions of these names (shorter list)
Author: Nancy   (guest)
Date: March 25, 2002 at 5:31:44 PM
Reply to: Opinions of these names (shorter list) by Enna
This is what I think:-

Anneliese - Its an ugly name
Rosalia - Its okay, reminds me of the italian mafia movies
Aurelia - What a horrible name this is, I got an aunt whose name is Aurelia
Olivia - Don't like
Holly - is ok I suppose
Heidi - is ok, haven't met a lot of girls with the name Heidi to be honest...
Marliana - Do you mean Mariana (spanish)?? Either way don't like it
Aurora - Don't like it
Rebeca - Like it better spelled, Rebekah. Its a nice name



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