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Subject: Re: Opinions of these names (shorter list)
Author: Leelee   (guest,
Date: March 25, 2002 at 7:08:27 PM
Reply to: Opinions of these names (shorter list) by Enna
Okay here we go...

Anneliese-YUCK, can you say old lady name?!?!
Rosalia- Only nice if you call her Lia for short!
Aurelia- Same as above, or else butt ugly!
Olivia-It's okay, kinda common now though.
Holly- It's okay.
Heidi- Kinda ditzy sounding if you ask me, can;t imagine an dult with this name...
Marliana- NEVER use a name that sounds made up!
Aurora- Pretty!
Rebeca- I like it best spelled REBEKKa-more original!

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