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Subject: Re: Naming my new daughter....
Author: Alora   (guest,
Date: March 26, 2002 at 12:59:41 AM
Reply to: Naming my new daughter.... by Lori
My name is Alora. I was named after my Mother's best friend. I too have tried to find the meaning of my name and to no avail. There is a region in the Malaga area of Spain that is called Alora. Over the years a few of the women I have met have chosen to name their daughter Alora. I do know that the Alora I was named after dated Frank Sinatra and if you read the book titled something like My Way you will see the name in print. In Italian there is a word like "alorra"(spelling) that means Now or pronto. Most people who here the NOW definition think I was appropriately named. Sorry I cannot be of more help to you - over the years your daughter will just love her name even though most people never hear the "A".

Alora M.

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