Subject: Re: What do you think
Author: Lissa   (guest)
Date: March 26, 2002 at 5:38:19 PM
Reply to: What do you think by Christine

Blythe: I can't imagine a young child with this name. The baby would have to be born at age 70.
Fiona: I have a cousin who is named Fiona. It's an "OK" name.
Alaina: It's pretty.
Leilani: You spelled it correctly. I don't really like it.


Silas: Yuck - no offense.
Ogden: Again, yuck, even for a middle name.
Jericho: Isn't that a company of some sort? It's OK.
Vincent: I like the name Vincent, as a first name and middle name.
Mason: Not my favorite name.
Ross: Nice.
Ian: Yuck - no offense.

Well, my new adjective of the day is "Yuck."

Back to the names. Out of the girls, I like Alaina, and out of the boys, I like Vincent

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