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Subject: Well...
Author: Shay   (guest,
Date: March 27, 2002 at 2:39:39 PM
Reply to: meaning by Tzukiel Sias
First I have to join Pavlos and Nanaea and ask you to tell us a little more...

However, I can tell you that it SOUNDS a lot like a Hebrew name. If the origin may be Hebrew, than TZUK means "cliff" or "rock" or "stone", and EL means "god". So it means "Rock of God" or "Stone of God" etc. (or maybe metaphoricly "Strength of God").
But I have to mention that it's not in the Hebrew bible, and I also never really heard of someone with that name, so I can't be sure.
(I do know someone named TZUK.)

(who is too lazy to look up "metaphoricly" in her dictionary to spell it right)

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