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Subject: Re: HELP PLEASE!!!!
Author: Lissa   (guest,
Date: March 29, 2002 at 1:26:54 PM
Reply to: HELP PLEASE!!!! by Kissy
Jonathan Trey - Out of the three boy names, this gets my vote. Although I don't like Trey (I prefer Troy), it's the middle name and won't be heard too often.
Keithan Trey - If you want to keep Keithan as a family name, try Trey Keithan instead.
Isreal Ikaika - Yuck - no offense.

Kelsie Elizabeth - I don't really like the name Kelsie, but I do like the name Elizabeth. How about Elizabeth Kelsie?
Trinity Elizabeth - I don't like the name Trinity, either. Again, how about Elizabeth Trinity?
Jennifer Ann - Out of the three girl names, this name gets my vote..

So, my votes are for Jonathan Trey and Jennifer Ann.

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