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Subject: Reply, interesting choices....
Author: Jensy   (guest)
Date: April 6, 2002 at 8:58:27 PM
Reply to: HELP PLEASE!!!! by Kissy
I like-
Jonathan Trey?: Its the best boys name. Perhaps Jonathan Troy, that sounds better
Keithan Trey?: Not my favorite

He likes-
Isreal Ikaika: That is gross sounding no offense, especially Ikaika...

I like-
Kelsie Elizabeth?: Change the spelling and it will look better for your daughter when shes an adult. Such as: Kelse
By the way one of my best friends is named Kelsey Elizabeth and she has many admirable qualities. She is talented pretty and has a great personality. Kelsey isnt my favorite name, but I like this best!

Trinity Elizabeth: Trinity isnt my fave at all...

He likes-
Jennifer Ann?: I dont like either and it doesnt have much flow, even though my name is after Jennifer (Jensy).

Some varaitions:


or for Ann
Annette for a longer version

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