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Subject: A cool new feature, but...
Author: Ivayla   (guest)
Date: April 7, 2002 at 4:13:51 PM
Reply to: new feature by Mike C
This is the most comprehensive non-Bulgarian list of BG name-days I have seen on the web! Good job, Mike! It even has the not-so-popular ones :o). I have some corrections, though.
Some of the name-days are directly related to Easter and move every year accordingly. For example:
The name-day of Todor, Teodor, Bojidar... is, in fact, on the 7th Saturday before Easter. It was March 3rd (as you have listed it) in 2001, this year it was March 23rd.
The same goes for Lazar - Lazars celebrate on the 2nd Saturday before Easter, which might have been April 11 last year. It happens to be April 27th this year (Easter being May 5th).
Another one: Vurban (m) (willow - Slavic) and Vurbana (f) celebrate on the Sunday before Easter (and the day after Lazar). This year it is on Apr. 28th.
And one last one - Spas (saviour in Bulgarian) and Sotir (saviour in Greek) celebrate on the 40th day after Easter (a Thursday). This year it is June 13th.
A popular name-day you have missed: Simeon (m) and Simona (f) celebrate Sept. 1st; add the Bulgarian equivalent of Stavri, Krustio (cross) on Sept. 14th.
One last note - I believe any eastern orthodoxal priest would "eat you alive" :) for listing Silvia on Jan 2 and Valentin on Feb 14th. January 2nd is indeed the day of St. Silvester, but it's a catholic holiday, and, for some reason, the official eastern orthodoxal name-day of Silvia is Dec. 5th. The same goes for Valentin - it appears that there is an eastern orthodoxal martir, Valentina, whose day is Feb 10th. Those last two are picky remarks that I received as feedback on my name-days page and I wouldn't think they are that important.
Once again - good job. Now I am really impressed :)
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