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Subject: Shades of the Tabloids...
Author: Concerned in the Lower 48   (guest)
Date: April 12, 2002 at 9:05:18 PM
Reply to: Re: I feel positively ancient web browser gives a light grey background! n/t by Barb
He's the cyber-toast of Victoria, plays all the big Internet cafes, travels with a 20-man posse, has stretch SUVs and palatial villas in exotic places like Medicine Hat and Kitchener...

meanwhile, his loving Mom sits shivering in the dim-lit back room of the tiny library in Tofutti, BC, eating cat food and staring wearily at the grey image on the 13" screen of her hand-me-down 286.

Where is the outrage?!! Where is the justice?!! Don't be a cheap-ass, Mikey. Spring for a Pentium 4 for Mother's Day!!

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