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Subject: Re: Message to Davidh...
Author: Davidh   (guest)
Date: April 15, 2002 at 10:06:12 PM
Reply to: Message to Davidh... by Sarahjeanne
Hey SJ,

I was gonna be stubborn and wait til you spelled my name right, but decided I probably won't live that long *grins*.

Actually, your surname in either spelling is tough. I've checked all around the 'Net but no luck. Maybe someone with better up-to-date Slavic connections can help. ANYBODY OUT THERE FROM CLEVELAND?

Is "Duchek" a real surname spelling (Slovak?) or just something your gggrandpa synthesized to rid himself of "Dubchek" (was it that spelling or Dubcek?)?

I don't want to sound really really old, but was your ggg something like 70 or 75 when he arrived here? Dubcek only rose to prominence in the late-mid-60s, and the famous reform period of The Prague Spring was in '68. This was not exactly the Napoleonic era; a few of us are still alive who remember it distinctly.

And I'm curious why your ggg would want to disassociate himself from Alexander Dubcek. The guy was a Commie turned good and was bringing some really open democratic reforms to the country until the Warsaw Pact rumbled the T-55s into town and spoiled the party. Twenty more years of bread lines and potato vodka followed...

Guess I'm sayin if my last name was Dubcek back then I would've been proud of it. But maybe Gramps had his own reasons. Go figure.



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