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Subject: Re: Can you help me?!
Author: Sally   (guest)
Date: May 30, 2002 at 12:04:56 PM
Reply to: Can you help me?! by Kylee
With all the names you like, I can't believe all these names. I mean you can't possibly LOVE all of these names. I would draw a name out of the hat, start calling family, first I would toss out all the weird onesKaye-Lani, La Wren, Alahandra, Maghdlin, get rid of those. People need to think about naming themselves, naming babies is ultimately naming an adult. Then I would pitch all them names that are common and over used. Katelyn, Courtney, Chloe, Kyra, Amanda, Brandi, Nikki, Tasha, Kiran, Karlee,Karley Ok that leaves you with Taryn, Areil, Shannon, Krista, Iris, Terran, Katherine. Man that is still seven. Ok so now when I think of Ariel, I think fo the little mermais, toss it. Katherine, well now she will end up being Kathy or Kate, both of which are over used, toss it. Iris is nice and simple, therefore it will be a unique name, on that she can grow old with. KEEP IT!!!
Taryn or Terran, dump them, they are becoming over used and they lack meaning and substance. Shannon is a dieing name, therefore it will become unique and special, because there won't be 10 girls in her class with the name Shannon, keep it, and Krista, nice I like, In fact I think Shannon Iris or Krista Iris is very nice, mature names that a baby girl can grow up wioth feeling sophisticated and unique. WOW I think we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now for the boys names. Lets see....NO TITUS, because he will get called TIT.....don't do that, and Desomond, naw to out there, he wouldn't grow into it until he was 70. Andrew, Justin, Brandon, Christopher, all over used and not unique or sophisticated. That leaves you will Davis, very nice, very sophiticated, and Adrian, sounds kinda femmie, so call him Adian, now you can pronounce this two ways, A-de-an or A-din, so pick your poison.....I think Adian Davis is quite nice............anyway, How this helps.........let me know what you, Sally
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