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Author: VENISSA thats Venissa   (guest,
Date: June 4, 2002 at 7:54:54 AM
Why can I ask - Why did my Mother name me with a name that I can NEVER find anywhere on anything? I always look at the cute little things in stores that are personalized like - keychains, necklaces & name plates. But guess what - MY NAME IS NEVER THERE. Whats up with that? Is it so bad that I am the only one in the world that has it? It sure seems that way. Oh well, Im stuck with it -- For all you expecting Mothers out there --- Venissa is not that bad is it? Think about it --- name your cute little girl Venissa and make another Venissa not seem like she is the one and only!! Who knows - If we get enough Venissas in the world maybe one day we will see it on those cute little personalized things in stores!

The One and Only

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