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Subject: To those who ask us to e-mail responses WITHOUT us offering...
Author: Phyllis   (guest,
Date: June 6, 2002 at 10:14:50 PM
Reply to: Take it away...............Phyllis :) n/t by Pavlos
May your computer hard drives do the tango, then the jitterbug, with Eris, Loki, Cthulhu, Coyote, and a few others of their ilk. Then have someone mistake the floppy drive/cdrom drive/zip disc drive as a newfangled grilled cheese toaster (or a place to hide the cooked oatmeal from mommy and daddy.)

I don't know about others, but I have posted that WE DO NOT E-MAIL PEOPLE WITHOUT OFFERING TO DO SO FIRST!!! (I think her Satanicness has posted this before, too, but I may be wrong. Please correct me if I am, Nanaea.)

Phyllis (aka Sidhe Uaine or Gaia Euphoria)

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