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Subject: Re: Moltes gràcies! (m)
Author: Lumia   (guest,
Date: March 5, 2005 at 12:31:28 PM
Reply to: Moltes gràcies! (m) by Caprice
The "s" in the end of a word is always pronounced. If the next word starts with a vowel or a sonorous consonant (G, J, M, N, Z...), the sound is the same of the Catalan "z". In other cases, the sound is "s".

C in the end: "k".

G before A, O, U, UE, UI, ÜE, ÜI or a consonant, like "g" in English "gain". The U in GUE and GUI is silent, not in GÜE and GÜI (U with diaeresis).
G before E or I, like the French "j".
G in the end of a word: "k".

In the groups -NC and -NG, the sound "k" is very soft.


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