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Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 1, 2001 at 6:21:59 PM
Reply to: Re: PRONUNCIATION? by Daividh
You're too kind,

@@@@ Nah, I'm not *that* kind. I'm just honest. :)

especially in light of my recent testiness (write part of it off to 8 hours a day in a hard chair all this week at the Lexington Hyatt absorbing "Demand Flow Technology: A Manufacturing Philosophy for the Rest of the Week" or something).

@@@@ Hah! You want testiness? You should see how testy *I* am right now. I just got done dashing off a rebuttal to an ignorant letter which appeared in my local newspaper today that was lashing out against animal rescue organizations. I'm tired right now, and ready to pack in for the night. I'll tell you about it sometime when I'm wound up again. :)

Too much free Danish always makes me cranky. Love yoo guys! :)

@@@@ We love yoo back! You're our bro', you know! :)

Oh yeah, "Siobhan". "Show-VAHN" will work fine, as will Shuh-VON. Even different parts of Ireland pronounce it different ways. Recently discussed on Jenn Daire's site. Any way ya cut it, it means "Jane" (I think).

@@@@ Yeah, *that's* the way it's supposed to sound -- Shuh-VON. I know a chick named Siobhan, and now I remember that's the way she says her name. I must've been pronouncing it Noo Yawk style. :)

-- Nanaea

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