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Subject: Re: Yiddish and Ladino
Author: Miss Claire   (Authenticated as Miss Claire)
Date: March 9, 2005 at 12:56:32 PM
Reply to: Yiddish and Ladino by Caprice
Both names are very unusual. I couldn't find them on my habitually great fav Jewish names sites... I had to look through Yad Vashem Database... anyway...

Teibele is indeed a pet form of Teibe / Teiba, which would be a form of Toiba []

Yppe is very weird and doesn't look Yiddish. How is it prononced? The closest I can think of are:
Zippe (tsee-peh), a Yiddish pet form of Zipporah (tsee-poh-rah) []
Itte (it-eh), a Yiddish pet form of Yehudit (yeh-hoo-dit) or maybe Gittel (ghee-tul) or Esther (eh-stair).

Typical Ladino names are different in different countries. Some *very* typical ones could be: (all feminine, boys had Hebrew names)

Diamante (dyah-mahn-teh), "diamond"
Fermoza (fair-moh-zah), "beautiful"
Sultana (sool-tah-nah), "queen"
Mazaltov (mah-zahl-tohv), "good destiny, good luck"
Mazalto, Mazalta: variations
Oro (oh-roh), "gold"
Bechora (beh-khoh-rah), "first born"
Clara (clah-rah), "fair"
Gioia (djyoh-yah or djoy-ah), "gem" or "joy"
Buena (bweh-nah), "good"
Sol, "sun"
Rebissa (reh-bee-sah), "wife of a Rabbi"
Luna (loo-nah), "moon"
Bella, "beautiful"
Orovida (oh-roh-vee-dah), "golden [good] life"
Preciosa (preh-syoh-zah), "precious"
Preziosa (preh-tsyoh-zah), see ^
Reyna (ray-nah), "queen"
Allegra (ah-leh-grah), "joyful"
Rosa (roh-zah), "rose"
Bulissa (boo-lee-sah), "lady of the house"
Zimbul (zeem-bool), "jasmin"
Regina (reh-djee-nah), "queen"
Siniuru (see-new-roo), "lady, senora"
Dora (doh-rah), "gift"
Rica (ree-cah), "rich"
Gracia (grah-syah), "grace"

Common pet forms were made by adding -ika (Rahelika, Solika), -ina (Sarina) or -ita (Bellita, Buenita...).

Check here:

Tell me if I can do anything else!

~~ Claire ~~

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