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Subject: ok...
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: July 20, 2002 at 10:35:13 AM
Reply to: Submitting the name Laing by Sophie and Caitlyn
now first, im not sure which name u are submitting bcz in ur subject its spelt laing, and then ur message has the names Lang and Liang.
Now liang means two or both in chinese (not sure if this is cantonese or manderin, sorry)
buliang means bad or harmful, something that will make you ill
he only word that means good or fine that is similar is bulai
the only thing similar to Laing i could find meant coming year and was spelt Lianian
for lang i found it meaning either a clear and obvious, and it was also found in the words that mean a fabeled wolf, a tiger to beware of, a bridegroom, and a winding corridoor
and as for his name being austrailian... australian isnt a backround unless you are native australian, because the rest are mostly from europe,
just like technically canadian and american aren't backrounds unless you are referring to the fact your culture is so diversly mixed basically ur a mut like most of the north westren world.
anways just curious where you got all that info

~Silver (SD)

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