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Subject: Kayla names
Author: Miss Claire   (Authenticated as Miss Claire)
Date: March 21, 2005 at 11:24:20 AM
Many think names like Kayla / Kaila / Keila / Keyla / Kaile are trendy and trashy, and so do I in most of the cases.
But it is interesting to know that these names are also valid and centuries old Yiddish names - actually, almost one thousand years old.


Like many Yiddish names, they come from different origins and meanings.

Without any specific order:
- a Yiddish form of Kelila, a Hebrew name meaning "crown of laurel", and symbolically "perfection". Kelila is also a female form of the name Kalil, meaning "complete, whole, perfect".
- a Yiddish form of the names Cecilia and Celia.
- a Yiddish pet form of the name Karolina
- a Yiddish form of "geile", meaning "happy, mischievous, vivacious, playful..." in Old German.
- a variation of the name Gella, meaning "fair haired" in Yiddish
- a Yiddish form of "geila", meaning "French, Gaul" in Old German.
- a Yiddish pet form of the name Michaela
- in Hebrew, "kalah" means "bride, fiancee". So it could be a Yiddish form of "kalah". In this case it would be an amuletic name, to bring good luck to the girl, since the most important thing in a Jewish woman's life is marriage. [think amulet against spinsterhood]. The Kalah is also, metaphorically, the long waited for Shabbat. But if we begin with the imagery of the bride we're not finished before a long time! :)
- apparently, it would also mean "grey eyed". But I'm not sure of this one.


The most common spellings in Polish are: Kajla, Kajle, Keyla, Keyle.
The most common spellings in German are: Kehle, Kehla, Kaila, Kele.

How to prononce it?

kai, kay, kai = "kie"
kej, key, kei = "kay"
keh, ke = "keh"
la = "lah"
le = "luh" or "leh"

Want examples? (only look at the last column that gives you the name, its variations, the place + the second column that gives you the date).

~~ Claire ~~

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