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Subject: Lothin / Luthin / Lothen / Luddin
Author: Satu   (Authenticated as _satu_)
Date: March 29, 2005 at 9:36:45 AM
Reply to: Attn - Satu - need your help...... by "Bagpus"
Hi Bagpus,

The original form of these names is the Old Norse name Loðinn from the adjective 'loðinn' meaning hairy, shaggy, woolly.

Other forms include Ludhin (Old Swedish), Loðinn ("modern" Icelandic) and Loðin ("modern" Faroese).

Regards, Satu

P.S: No, there's no W in the Old Norse alphabet.

P.S.2: These are the first three hits when googling "Old English names":

I don't know the sites, so I cannot recommend any of them - just take a look!

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