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Subject: Re: Deberonca?
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 9, 2001 at 4:54:59 PM
Reply to: Deberonca? by KC
I'm sorry, but even a 'net search revealed only one "hit" on your name -- and that was at the Kabalarians website:

I dunno if you were the one who'd submitted your name to the Kabalarians for an "analysis", or maybe there's another Deberonca out there somewhere who submitted the name.

Perhaps someone else here may have a lead on the origin of your name. In the meantime, you could always enlarge upon that children's storybook tale of your name's origin, and imagine that perhaps the author might have made up a fanciful version of the name "Deborah" for her character.

Alternately, perhaps the author coined the name "Deberonca" from an anagram of "Ocean Bred" -- and her character, like the lovely goddess Aphrodite, was born of the ocean foam and waves.

Eh, it's as likely as any other theory as to the meaning of your name, and it makes a nice story to tell people who ask. :)

-- Nanaea

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