Subject: Re: Hey Pavlos or Davidh!!!!
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: September 8, 2002 at 2:54:48 AM
Reply to: Hey Pavlos or Davidh!!!! by 'Cole
Nanaea is certainly missed! We e-mail once in a while, and I occasionally visit her new Dark hangout where she not only having lotsa fun, but had already climbed the ranks and has become head-honcho :) Nanaea is a monogamous being in the broadest sense of the word (including her lairs she frequents)so I doubt she will be spending much time in Her old BtN neighborhood, at least as long as she is happily involved with her new hangout :P
Its great however that good ol' regulars such as yourself, Bro' Da, Phyllis, Lilith etc, still make cameo appearances 'round here :) And its wonderful that bright and witty new regulars such as Anneza, Stanislassia, Satu et al. are contributing saving this board from becoming a Baby-Nuke wasteland!
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