Subject: Re: Names for my twins
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 10, 2001 at 7:25:01 PM
Reply to: Re: Names for my twins by Daividh
"Nan is one of my absolutely favorite people in Webland, but partly to uphold my Opinionated Old Fart image and partly because IMHO Miz Lib is dead right, I gotta agree with the latter on this one."

@@@@ Aw....! I'm quite fond of you, too, Daividh, but you're not really an O.O.F. Sometimes you may give the impression of being a bit O.O.F.ish, but I wouldn't describe you as being a bona fide O.O.F. at all. :)

"People who name twins confusing names are a blight upon the community; those who name them RHYMING names (Brad and Chad, Wanda and Rhonda)..."

@@@@ One should NEVER name twins "Wanda and Rhonda"! For the simple reason that "Rhonda" has one extra letter than "Wanda", and giving an extra letter to one twin over the other shows favoritism and will make the twins grow up HATING each other and despising their unequal twinness! Parents need to name those girls: "Wanda and Ronda", so they don't grow up all screwed up. (We psy-chicks know all about stuff like that, you see.)

"...or dress them IDENTICALLY should be herded into boxcars, or at least Kias, and shipped off East (Long Island, specifically, where this would be only a misdemeanor)."

@@@@ Ah, you're just JEALOUS you're not a twin. An IDENTICAL twin! Like Patty and Kathy, who were actually cousins (identical cousins all the way). You wish you were one pair of matching bookends (different as night and day...)

Where Daividh adores a tourniquet
That's not too loose, and makes him sweat,
His secret twin (named Anatole),
Prances in his camisole --
What a wild duet!

Still they're couuuuusins,
Identical cousins, and you'll find,
They kvetch alike, kibbitz alike
At times they even shvitz alike --
You can lose your MIND!
When couuuuuusins are two of a kind!

"Chaos does indeed keep life interesting, but personally, I've had my fill in the last two decades without someone's moron parents adding more to the mix."

@@@@ I hate to break it to you, Daividh, but it never ends. Because "someone's moron parents" could very likely someday become your own kids' in-laws -- and then have a hand in naming your grandchildren. Hee-heeeee!

-- Nanaea

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