Subject: Gift-names for girls!
Author: Satu   (guest)
Date: September 8, 2002 at 6:34:50 PM
Reply to: girls name by mary
Hi Mary,
I found some names with the meaning gift or gift of God. Actually there are many different Swahili or Arabic names meaning gift... I don't speak Swahili or Arabic, so I really don't know if they've got so many different gift-words... Maybe anyone else here has an idea if all the meanings are right like this?? I'll write the name first, then the origin + meaning and then some different forms if I found any.

Here we go:

Æðelgifu (Old English: noble + gift) – Aethelgifu, Elgifu, Ethelgifu
Adia (African [Swahili + Hausa], gift of God) - Adiah, Adhya, Aadhya, Aadya, Adya
Ælfgifu (Old English: elf, fairy + gift) - Aelfgifu, Aelfgiva, Alfgifu, Elfgifu
Armagan (Persian: gift) - Armaghan
Atiya (Arabic: gift) - ‘Atiyah, Atiye
Bogdana (Slavic: gift of God) - Bohdana
Bunmi (African [Nigeria, Yoruba]: my gift)
Chipo (African [Simbabwe, Shona]: gift)
Donata (Latin: gift [of God]) Donatha, Donate, Donatta, Donatella, Donatienne, Donatina, Donka, Dota, Danita
Dora (Greek: gift) – Do, Doa, Doraine, Dorayne, Doralee, Doralia, Doraly, Doralie, Doralin, Doralyn, Doralynn, Doralynn, Doralynne, Doran, Dore, Doree, Dorea, Dorece, Doreece, Dorey, Dorel, Dorelia, Dorella, Dorelle, Doreen, Doreena, Dorena, Doresha, Doressa, Dori, Dorie, Dory, Doria, Dorya, Doriana, Doriane, Doriann, Dorianna, Dorianne, Dorice, Dorika, Doriley, Dorilis, Dorina, Dorine, Dorinka, Dorion, Doris, Dorys, Dorisa, Dorise, Dorka, Dorke, Doorke, Dorken, Dorle, Dorlen, Dorli, Dorlisa, Dorlisha, Dorree, Dorri, Dorrie, Dorry, Dorris, Dorrys, Dorrise…
Dorothea (Greek: gift of God) – Dasha, Deuten, Didde, Diorbhal, Ditte, Doda, Dode, Dodee, Dodi, Dodie, Dody, Dodje, Dodo, Doe, Dol, Doli, Doly, Dolitta, Doll, Dollee, Dolley, Dolli, Dollie, Dolly, Dollika, Dollina, Dora, Dorathea, Dorathy, Dorchen, Dorde, Dordei, Dordi, Dordin, Dorede, Doreta, Doretha, Dorete, Dorethe, Dorethea, Dorett, Doretta, Dorette, Dorettie, Doride, Doriet, Dorinda, Dorinde, Dorit, Doriet, Dorith, Dorita, Doritha, Doro, Dorolice, Dorosia, Dorota, Dorotha, Dorothe, Dorothée, Dorothee, Dorotee, Dorotea, Doroteya, Doroteia, Dorothia, Dorothy, Dorotthea, Dorottya, Dorrit, Dorrith, Dorritt, Dorta, Dortha, Dorte, Dorthe, Dorthee, Dörte, Dörthe, Dortea, Dorthea, Dorthie, Dorthy, Dortel, Dorten, Doortje, Dortje, Doortjen, Doortjie, Dosi, Dossie, Dosya, Dot, Dottee, Dotti, Dottie, Dotty, Dürte, Dürten, Tea, Thea
Ēadgifu (Old English: wealthy + gift)
Ebun (African [Nigeria, Yoruba]: gift)
Edana (Hebrew: rich gift or luck) – Edna
Gåva (Swedish: gift)
Geba (Old German / Frisian: gift) – Gebba, Gebbe, Gebina, Gebine, Gebke, Gebkea, Gepa, Gepke
Gebharde (Old German: gift + hard, strong)
Halla (African [?], unexpected gift)
Hiba (Arabic: gift) - Hieba, Hibah, Ihab
Hibat Allah (Arabic: gift of Allah)
Hidaya (African [Swahili]: noble gift) - Hadiya, Hadiyah, Hadiye, Hediye, Hediyeh
Hobo (African [Swahili]: gift)
Isidora (Greek: equal gift or gift of Isis)
Isoke (African [Nigeria, Benin]: satisfying gift of God)
Jessi (Hebrew : gift) - Jessy, Jessie, Jessye
Karamu (African [Swahili], wealthy gift)
Keona (Polynesian: gift of God)
Langgifu (Old English: long, big + gift)
Makana (Polynesian: spiritual gift) - Mana
Matana (Hebrew: gift of God)
Medora (Greek: gift of mother)
Mincha (Hebrew: gift)
Minhat (Arabic: gift)
Mpho (African [Botswana, Tswana]: gift)
Mungjerd (Old Norse: bride gift + protection)
Munhildr (Old Norse: bride gift + fight, battle) – Munhild
Nanyamka (African [Ghana, Ewe]: gift of God)
Nathania (Hebrew: gift of God) - Natania
Nawal (Arabic: gift)
Ni’mat (Arabic: gift or blessing of Allah)
Ohanna (Hebrew: merciful gift of God)
Olubunmi (African [Nigeria, Yoruba]: the highest gift belongs to me)
Ōsgifu (Old English: deity, Aesir + gift)
Otgiva (Old German: wealth + gift) - Ottegebe
Pandora (Greek: totally + gift) - Pandorra, Pandorrah, Pandorah, Panndora, Panndorah, Panndorra, Panndorrah
Shilo, Shiloh (Hebrew: gift of God)
Sunngifu (Anglo-Saxon: gift of the sun) – Sunnifa, Sunniva, Synne, Synneva, Synneve, Synnøva, Synnøve, Synnöve, Sönne, Sönneva
Theodora (Greek: God’s gift) – Taedra, Tea, Thea, Teah, Téa, Theadora, Teda, Theda, Tedde, Teddey, Teddi, Teddie, Teddy, Teddra, Teddreya, Tedera, Thedorsha, Tedra, Teedra, Teidra, Theo, Theoda, Theodoise, Théodora, Teodora, Theodore, Teodore, Teodory, Teodorica, Theodosia, Teodosia, Theodossia, Theodra, Theomilla, Theondra, Theone, Theoni, Theonie, Theora, Todora
Thorgifu (Old Norse + Old English: gift of Thor)
Tuhfa (African [Swahili], gift)
Wulfgifu (Old English: wolf + gift) - Wolveva
Zawati (African [Swahili], gift)


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