Subject: Re: Marriage names
Author: Holly   (guest)
Date: September 15, 2002 at 8:59:33 AM
Reply to: Marriage names by Zaragoza
umm..when my mom was getting married to my dad, she wanted to hyphenate their names or have hers or keep hers. but my dad wouldn't do that because he's what my mom calls "old-fashioned". but i think if they go to the woman's last name, the guys would be switched. but i haven't thought about it much. but yeah i totally agree. my mom hates it when bills come because she pays them and does all the stuff that comes with it, and its addressed to my dad!!! even school stuff like atop of schuleds it'll have my dad's name, and my mom payed the fees. (parent's arn't divorced).
but if they did keep my mom's last name my real name wouldn't sound to good. too many m's!!!!
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