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Subject: Re: I'm writing a story and
Author: Lissa   (guest)
Date: September 15, 2002 at 7:28:43 PM
Reply to: I'm writing a story and by Alisa
I need a name for a super-smart, proper and preppy girl
-------Julia, Hannah, Amelia, Sondra, or Rachel.-------

A video-game freak tomboy (for a girl)
-------Baylee, Rylee, Ryanne, Ellie, or Nadia.-------

A stylish and sassy girl
-------Jolie, Cassidy, Jasmine, Myra, or Gina.-------

A funky and fabulous girl
-------Fiona, Ruby, Dana, Nicole, or Victoria.-------

a super-smart nerdy brainy boy
-------Noah, Jules, Earl, Chester, or Oliver.--------

a really popular really cute boy
-------Michael (Mike), Brandon, James (Jimmy), Paul, or Royce.-------

a total jock who doesnt treat his girlfriends right
-------David, Brett, Jon, Edward (Eddie), or Brant.-------

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