Subject: Don't take this personally, Alisa, since it's not directed toward you specifically...
Author: Daividh   (guest)
Date: September 15, 2002 at 8:16:21 PM
Reply to: I'm writing a story and by Alisa
but why do the many potential writers who come here seeking help becuz they can't think of their own names for characters always come up with the most cardboard, trite characterizations? I mean, every character summary we get from them sounds like an apercu from the writers of "Saved By The Bell" or DeGrassi Junior High".

Do they really think anyone above the age of 9 would be remotely interested in reading the shallow crap that would result from their efforts? (Come to think of it, many 9 year olds read Harry Potter, so by now they'd certainly recognize CRAP by contrast. J.K. Rowling, oh where were you when I was a kid?)

REAL people, or literary characters you'd care about, can't be summed up in a single sentence. And if we go along with these requests, we're just perpetuating the old trap of a person being definable by their name. The best thing we could do here, Fellow Travelers, is to ignore these requests. Please?!!

- Daividh

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