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Subject: New original...CHEMICAL ELEMENTS names
Author: Alexander Nevzorov   (guest)
Date: September 16, 2002 at 11:31:50 PM
Choosing the Baby Name is a quite serious bussiness, but often people give names not only for children. For geographic places, for new animals, corporations and for... chemical elenemts. Mendeleev's periodic table of elements has a lot of names chosen by inventors. And some elements are still missing. Let's discuss some new names for unnamed elements (just for fun now)

Sn - sonnium
Ek- Ekatum
Pp- popularium
Ct- catholium, cartenium, cathenium
Nz- nezerium, nazareum, nevzorium
Sz- sozium, sazonium
Jt- Jintvelium
Ld- Ladium
Ch- Christianium
Jn- jungleum
Un- Universalium
Id- ideologium
Nv- Novium
Am- amorium
Gn- Genium
Rl- realium
Dm- determium

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