Subject: Re: New original...CHEMICAL ELEMENTS names
Author: Holly   (guest)
Date: September 17, 2002 at 4:49:57 PM
Reply to: New original...CHEMICAL ELEMENTS names by Alexander Nevzorov
For fun (if i was a sci freak or a scientist and i LOVED the periodic table) i would chose:
Sn - sonnium-male, nn: sonny
Ct-cathenium-girl, nn: Catie, etc.
Sz-sazonium-girl, nn: Sazi,Zoni
Ld- Ladium-boy or girl, nn: Laddy
Nv- Novium-girl, nn: Nove or Novi
Am- amorium-girl, nn: Amy amorium reminds me of Amelia or Auroa
Dm- determium-both, nn: Deter, Det, Dee

But i have a friend who wants to name one of her girls: Aleive (as in the pain-reliver) i think its a pretty name. She knows that its medication.

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