Subject: Hey Tiffany. Four observations:
Author: Daividh   (guest)
Date: September 17, 2002 at 8:04:05 PM
Reply to: a sibling group by Tiffany
1) Names with gratuitous letter "y"'s stuck into them sound contrived (not to mention trailer-park). Go conservative and you won't regret it.

2) The quotes around the one girl's name imply this will be the child's "call-name". Decide what you're going to address the child as, and use that as the FIRST name. Saves a lot of grief and confusion later.

3) Many of us here have said it before: "Mac-" means "son of" and Mackenzie is therefore NOT an appropriate first name for a female. Actually, it's really only a good name for a (male) Scottish Terrier. Or a washed-up druggie former child actress who's seen mainly in adult acne infomercials...

4) Having six children could be viewed by many as a bit irresponsible in our day and time, unless you live in Utah or the Gaza Strip.

Other than that, the names are fine.

Be well,


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