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Subject: names
Author: ATTN: daividh   (guest)
Date: September 18, 2002 at 12:30:07 AM
I found your comments to be very rude and uncalled for. A simple "I don't care for them" would have been fine. THESE are the reasons behind the names:

1) I actually prefer Jordan to Jordyn, but my DH likes it better this way. Also seeing the name Jordan, a person would think "boy." And how on earth does adding a "Y" constitute "trailer" ??

2) Just so you know "Mackenzie" is going to be called by her mn because of a family tradition on my DH's side of the family. Many people go by their mns, nothing is wrong with that.

3) Mac- does mean "son of..." but obviously, I don't care seeing as my first daughter will be named Mackenzie. PLUS... where I come from, naming your child Mackenzie now would be about the same as naming him Natalie.

4) How is it irresponsible to have 6 kids, unless you are from China? I want a large family, and I am free to do so. THAT comment was just completely stupid.

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