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Subject: newest female form of andrew
Author: dorothy   (guest)
Date: September 26, 2002 at 1:10:41 AM
hey, i've only found thise female form of Andrew: Andrea. yeah, there might be lotsa other female forms of Andrew but to get to the point, has anyone heard of Andrewlianna? pronounced an-DREW-lianna. got it from my niece. but NOBODY calls her that. she makes everyone call here Ann. oh yeah, and did you ever realize that adding at the end of a name: Lianna, or Lianne, you can get alot of new variations. yep, that's what my sister thought of and now she wants to name her new baby daughter Apriliana but her husband Andrew said no. and a good thing too. sounds silly. he says their gonna get a good usual name this time. kinda funny. he wasn't opposed to Andrewlianna!!
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