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Subject: Meaning of Wilkin?
Author: Wilkin   (guest)
Date: February 16, 2001 at 10:05:48 AM
Hi Names People,

My first name's Wilkin and I'm a (guy)friend of Davidh's daughter Laura (Utah). I'd like to get some information on the meaning of my name, because I've never met another person with the same first name.

My mother told me my grandmother found it in a historical novel, and she (Gram) thought it was an old English form of the name William. My parents liked it, but don't know more than that and Gram's gone now.

I asked my English instructor at Eastern Kentucky, but she didn't have any knowledge of the name. Davidh checked Google and found lots of people last-named Wilkin, but no first names. He said to check with you guys (I'm using his PC), and that you'd probably make something up if you didn't know :p .

He also said to remind you it's a Satanic name. I'm not sure I like that, but if it'll help get an answer what the heck.

Thank you,

Wil Prescott

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