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Subject: Posible relationship between Haul in Welsh an Ancient Greek
Author: Sol (Sun)   (Authenticated as sol)
Date: May 2, 2005 at 3:22:20 PM
I was wondering if there might be any conecction between Haul (Sun) in Welsh (sounds very much like "Heal" in English); and the ancient Greek word for "Sun": Helios; which means both "sun" and is the name of the sun god. Since many greek words were adopted by Latin, and later on were acquired by many languages worlwide, for obviuos reasons; I thuoght it´s not entirely improbable to think that Welsh adopted the word from Latin 2000 thousand years ago or so, and kept it. I must add that the greek word has reamined in other different forms, as in: "heliocentric".

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